fab_fan (fab_fan) wrote,

FIC: The Night (Ghostly Dreams Series)


Title: The Night
Author: Fab_fan
Fandom: All My Children
Pairing: Frankie/Bianca
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Takes place in 2003. Just know what Micheal Cambias did to Bianca.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never been mine, never will be mine.
Summary: Don't look over your shoulder, 'cause that's just the ghost of me you're seeing in your dreams



The sudden crash of thunder boomed across the land, shaking the very foundations of the earth. The sky was dark as onyx, the only rays of light coming from bursts of white-hot lightning. Rain fell from the heavens, pounding against the glass of the window.

Bianca was terrified.

She raced across the room, flinging herself against the harsh wooden door. She desperately clawed at the handle, the lock firmly in place.

She needed to escape.

He was coming.

She grasped the door with shaking hands, pulling and pushing to no avail. She was trapped.

Her breathing quickened; she could feel him coming up behind her. His very presence made her skin crawl, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up.

Not again. She couldn't go through this again. He was going to hurt her. He was going to tear her in two and laugh about it. Already she could feel his hands on her, rough and terrible. His hot breath against the back of her neck, the sound of her clothes being torn from her body.

Tears ran down her face as she slammed her body against the door. Why couldn't she leave?

Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder.

Bianca gasped in fear, spinning around and preparing to run.

Whoa Bianca, hey...it's ok. It's just me.” spoke a confused voice, the hand falling from her shoulder.

A flash of lighting streaked across the sky, illuminating the room and revealing the face of her would-be captor.

It was Frankie.

Her worried brown eyes locked on Bianca, a nervous smile on her face, “Are you ok? You look a little freaked.”

Bianca, chest heaving with emotion, starred at the other girl, not quite able to comprehend what was happening, “F-Frankie?”

Yeah, Bianca. It's me, Frankie. What's going on?” replied the the shorter girl, concern in her voice.

Bianca's eyes finally adjusted to the dark, her vision settling on those warm brown eyes that she hadn't seen in so long. Without a thought, she threw herself forward, grasping on to the warm body as a sob ripped from her chest.

Oh...god Frankie...oh god!” she cried, her face hidden in the crook of the dark blonde's neck.

Shhh, Bianca, it's ok. Everything's ok.” soothed Frankie as she wrapped her arms protectively around the broken girl, giving her a loving squeeze.

The brunette just cried, releasing all of the pent-up emotion within. This release took its toll, and her legs buckled. Frankie, a firm grip on the woman, gently lowered them to the floor, her back resting against the leg of a chair.

Frankie held on as tight as she could, Bianca's heaves moving her entire body. The younger girl held on tightly to the blonde's t-shirt, bunching up the material in her clenched fists. She pushed her face farther into Frankie's neck, needing to be as close as possible. Her tears stained the smooth skin, trickling down to darken soft cotton.

He...he was here...he.” brokenly whimpered Bianca, unable to form the words to describe what Micheal Cambias had done to her.

It's ok Bianca. It's ok. I would never let anything happen to you, ok? Nothing is going to happen to you. I would die before letting someone hurt you.” whispered Frankie as she brought a hand up to cup the back of Bianca's head, softly running it over short dark hair.

This caused Bianca to cry harder, her gasps for breath shaking both her and Frankie's bodies. She felt a light kiss against her hair and a gentle hand rub a soothing circle over her back.

With tears still in her eyes, she somehow found the strength to pull her face away from its hiding spot, her blurred gaze searching for reassurance. She found love and worry shining back, soft brown eyes and the attempt at a smile proving to her this was real.

Frankie was here.

Frankie would never let anyone hurt her. She would stand up to anyone for Bianca, even to Erica Kane herself!

It...looks like the power's out.” quietly began Frankie, “I came looking for you. I'm so glad I found you.”

Bianca locked eyes with the other woman, starring deeply into the windows to Frankie's soul. She saw truth. Frankie was telling her the truth. She would always go looking for Bianca, always find joy in seeing her.

The brunette slowly lifted her hand, hesitating slightly before gently running a fingertip across a tan cheek. Cupping Frankie's face, she leaned forward, noses absently bumping together as lips delicately brushed, giving strength to both.

Pulling back, Bianca gazed into the face she needed so much, that she had been looking at everyday but had not really seen in so long. She was met with a crooked grin, twinkling eyes glittering in the dark.

With a contented sigh, her hand dropped, going back around the smaller girl. She rested her head on a cotton covered shoulder, feeling herself being pulled closer in a protective hug.

I love you, Bianca'la. I'll always protect you.” was whispered in her ear as she closed her eyes, basking in the feel of her savior.


A loud crash startled Bianca, her eyes flashing open in shock. Her eyes darted around, unsure of what was happening. They finally landed on the tv, the volume from the set projecting the action-packed movie throughout the apartment.

Looking at herself, she found her long arms wrapped protectively around her body, simulating a hug.

It had happened again.

She felt the emotion move quickly though her body, the massive lump in her throat choking her as tears rushed forward. Why was this happening?

They had stopped. For a while, the dreams had stopped. Yes, she hadn't been dreaming much lately, but when she did...Frankie was not in them. Ever since the...rape...though, Frankie was once again inhabiting her dreams, filling her nights with love and protection.

She couldn't do this. What Micheal had done to her...haunted her every moment. He was everywhere. She saw him in every face she walked by, felt him in every touch that grazed her skin. She relived the moment he attacked her every single time the sun went down.

But then Frankie, sweet caring dead Frankie, started showing up at night, chasing away her fears. She held her until Bianca once again woke up to another day of knowing Micheal Cambias was out there.

The pain of his actions was only added to by the hurt of once again having Frankie in her arms for a brief moment, only to have her ripped away time and again.

She remembered Dr. Jacobs' words from her short time in therapy. He had told her she needed to let go. She had tried. She had tried so hard. But, how could she let go when Frankie was the only way she could get through the night?

Tags: all my children, fic, ghostly dreams series

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