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FIC: The Birthday (Ghostly Dreams Series)

Title: The Birthday
Author: Fab_fan
Fandom: All My Children
Pairing: Bianca/Frankie
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Takes place in 2002. Champagne incident mentioned
Disclaimer: Do you think if I owned them, Frankie would have been killed? I do not own them.
Summary: Should have been much further than this by now...
Author's Note: So, this is a “sequel” to The Prom. I had originally written The Prom as a one-shot and that was going to be it. However, this little idea kept shouting in the back of my mind. Now I have the plans for a little 5 part “series.” We'll see how that goes. Enjoy, and feedback is greatly appreciated! Oh, and bonus points if you can name the song quoted in the summary. 


The sun was shining, birds were singing, the air was calm as could be. It was a perfect day, and Bianca was enjoying it to the fullest as she strolled down the street. A big smile came to her face as she saw the outside of the Glam, and she looked down to the bag in her hand, mentally checking off its contents. Satisfied she had everything, she approached the door to the Glam and pushed it open, the small bell twinkling her arrival. As she stepped inside, her eyes roamed the area, taking in the women getting their hair cut and styled. The smell of hairspray filled the air, and caused a small cough to slip from her lips.

“Finally decide to go for something other than 'Peach-O-Rama'?” slyly asked a voice to her side.

Bianca turned to see Frankie standing with a broom, her hands and chin resting on the top of the wooden handle. She quirked a questioning eyebrow as a smirk planted itself on her face.

“Maybe...I do remember there being a passion scarlet...and a throbbing inferno.” replied Bianca as she watched the other girl's eyes noticeably widen. She chuckled while walking up to the dark blonde, Frankie swallowing hard as Bianca rested her hands on top of hers, her head lifting up to look Bianca in the eye. Bianca slowly ran a fingertip across the fingers beneath hers.

“Yeah..that's just...aces.” spoke a dazed Frankie.

Bianca wasn't sure where this boldness was coming from, but she was enjoying the reactions from her girlfriend. “Besides,” she whispered as she leaned into the girl, “it's somebody's birthday and we need to celebrate.”

“A birthday? Hi there Bianca, I see you've found Frankie here, and what's this about a birthday?” questioned Opal as she walked up to the pair.

Bianca pulled away from the former con artist and faced Opal. “Hi Opal. Today's Frankie's birthday. I was wondering if she could skip out a little early today.”

Opal turned to the smaller girl, a smile on her face, “Is this true Frankie? Is it your birthday? Why didn't you say anything?”

Frankie shrugged, wrapping her hands around the broom and absently sweeping the floor, “It's no big deal, Opal. I don't really celebrate it. It's just another day.”

“Just another day? You're turning twenty!” exclaimed Bianca.

“Twenty! Now that's something worth celebrating,” Opal looked kindly at the two, “Of course you can take the rest of the day off. If I'da known sooner you coulda had the whole day. Now you skeedadle and have yourselves a good time.” She shooed at them, taking the broom from her employee.

“But Opal, really...it's no big thing. It's fine.” Frankie tried to grab for the broom, but Opal pulled it out of reach.

“No, you go on with your lady friend and have a good time.” Opal imparted before turning and walking away.

“Looks like it's just us. How about we blow this popcorn stand.” an excited Bianca grinned at Frankie.

“Ok ok, you win, Bianca'la. Let's see what you've got in store for me.” relented the older girl. Giddy, Bianca quickly grasped the other girl's hand and gave it a tug, curling their fingers together as she led them out of the store.

The walk to the park was pleasant, the banter between the two coming easily after months of dating. As they wandered around the park, breathing in the fresh air, Frankie turned to Bianca, who was swinging their joined hands, “What's going on in that head of yours, Montgomery? You've kidnapped me, now what's your nefarious plan?”

Bianca just smiled at her as she led them along the grass, finally stopping at a patch of almost sparkling green grass, the shade of a tall oak tree providing shelter from the hot sun. She deposited the bag on the ground and let go of Frankie's hand, using it to take out a large checkered blanket. She quickly spread it across the ground and dove back into the bag, pulling out sandwiches, fruit, and juice.

“A picnic.” surmised Frankie as she watched the actions with amusement.

“Yep, so get on down her and start eating. I didn't bribe Kendall into helping me make this for nothing.” Bianca wrapped her fingers around a wrist and pulled her down onto the blanket.

“Bribing huh? You've been learning well, young grasshopper.” joked Frankie as she sat back, supporting herself with one hand while the other reached for a turkey sandwich.

Bianca rolled her eyes, “Yeah, you've been teaching me how to be such a criminal.”

“Hey, your not a criminal unless you get caught.” winked Frankie as she took a bite of her food. “How is Kendall anyway...is she for real?”

Bianca shrugged, “I don't know...at times it seems like all she cares about is messing with mom. But other times...it just seems like she cares, you know.”

Frankie nodded and took a sip from her juice, “Yeah, sisters can be like that, all complicated and stuff. As long as she treats you ok, I have no problem with her. Besides, you always have your Uncle Jack, and Opal, and everyone. They all love you like crazy, girl.”

Bianca looked down at her food before shyly locking eyes with the dark blonde, “Do I have you?”

Frankie gazed into her eyes for a moment, a serious look crossing her face, “You'll always have me.”

The two turned back to their food, the heaviness of the conversation dissipating. They talked about safe topics, such as what Opal had Frankie doing at the Glam and Bianca's recent history paper.

As they finished eating, Bianca reached into the bag. “No more food, B. I'm stuffed.” said Frankie as she laid a hand across her stomach.

Bianca ignored her and pulled a package out of the bag, handing it to the other girl as she sat back to watch.

“What's this?” asked Frankie, her eyes wide as she took in the neatly wrapped package in her hands.

“It's your birthday gift.” Bianca replied, noticing how her confused girlfriend looked like a kid during their first Christmas.

“Bianca, you didn't have to...with the picnic and everything...that's more than enough.” Frankie gazed at the gift, her eyes taking in every detail of the wrapping.

“I wanted to.” simply answered Bianca as she smiled encouragingly, wondering what kind of life she must have led to be looking at a small gift this way. Her thoughts went back to when she had given her the locket, a symbol of her love. Frankie was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. It broke her heart to think that her sweet brave girlfriend had never received something like that before. Love.

Slowly, Frankie brushed her hand over the package, taking in the feel of the paper. She ran her hand along until she found a corner. She picked at it till it came loose, than she pulled at it till all of the paper was gone and in her hands was a book of poems.

“I know how much you love poetry, and I didn't see this one in your small collection.” explained Bianca as Frankie read the cover, her fingers tracing the binding.

“Thank you.” she whispered as she looked up at her thoughtful girlfriend. Without thought, she lent forward and kissed her, a quick peck before dropping back to open the book and flip through the pages. Bianca smiled to herself, a slight tingle from the kiss still on her lips.

A little while later, after Frankie had finished studying the book and Bianca had cleaned up the remnants of lunch, the two laid back on the blanket. Bianca had her arms wrapped securely around the smaller girl, their breathes mingling together as Frankie rested her head on Bianca's chest.

“Frankie...can I ask you a question?” Bianca glanced down at her lover.

Frankie nodded her head in agreement. Bianca pulled her a little closer, her fingers drawing random shapes on the other girl's arm. “Why were you against celebrating earlier?”

As expected, she felt Frankie shift and try to move away from her. She tightened her hold, not wanting her notoriously private girlfriend to shut her out again.

Seeing no way out, Frankie took a deep breath, “We just never celebrated it in my family. Our dad never wanted us, and my mom was never sober enough to remember she had kids, let alone when their birthday was. It wasn't something to celebrate. If anything, it was a reminder to our parents of something they didn't want. Of something that ruined their lives. Maggie and I, my sister, we just...wanted to forget it.”

Bianca felt tears in her eyes as she placed a kiss on top of the older girl's head. “I love you, Frankie. I love you, and you're going to have the best birthdays from now on.”

She felt the other girl begin to shift, and loosened her hold. Frankie moved around until she was laying on top of Bianca, their faces inches apart. “I-I need you to show me. Make this the best birthday ever, Bianca. Show me how much you love me.”

Bianca raised her head, their lips brushing against each other...




Bianca jumped, the loud noise waking her from her sleep. She blinked her eyes, the harsh fluorescent light shocking her system.

The sight of a hospital room greeted her as her eyes focused, the sterile smell filled her nose. Confused, she ran a hand over her face, hitting the bandage on her head.

Then, it all came back to her.


The champagne.

The argument.

The crash.

Her eyes filled with tears as she threw her head back against the hard pillow, the events of the last 24 hours mixing with the remnants of the dream. Why was this happening to her? Why did Frankie have to go? Why couldn't she stop dreaming about her?


Tags: all my children, fic, ghostly dreams series

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