fab_fan (fab_fan) wrote,

FIC: The Prom (1/1)

Title: The Prom

Fandom: All My Children

Pairing: Bianca/Frankie

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Takes place sometime during 2002.

Disclaimer: Not Mine

Summary: A dream is a wish your heart makes


Bianca smiled to herself as she looked at the garment bag hanging in the open closet. Tonight was the night. She had been waiting for this for so long, it seemed, and now it was finally here. Tonight she would be going to her senior prom.

She slowly walked over to the closet and reached out, running her hand along the bag. Her fingers gently traced their way down until they felt the firm metal of the zipper. A small tug and there it was, her prom dress. All pink and beautiful and just waiting for her to slip into it. A small click distracted her from her thoughts as she turned to see Erica walk in, the biggest smile she had ever seen spread across her face.

My baby's going to prom. I can't believe it.” gushed the shorter woman as she glided up to her daughter. She pulled her into a quick hug and clasped Bianca's face in her hands, “Look at you.”

Mom,” Bianca replied, a mixture of embarrassment and joy in her voice, “if we just stand here looking at me, I'll never be ready for the prom.”

Oh yes, of course you're right dear.” Erica dropped her hands, a knowing smile on her face.

She ushered her daughter over to the chair by the vanity. Bianca sat down as her mother placed various bits of make-up and hair products on the table. A happy sigh escaped as Erica grasped a brush and began to run it through the thick dark hair. Prom was going to be so much fun. There was going to be music and dancing.

She laughed quietly to herself. She couldn't wait to see that girl Morgan's face when she showed up and had the most wonderful time. Morgan was always making fun of her and mocking her, but not tonight. Tonight was Bianca's night.

There we go.” breathed out Erica as she put the finishing touches on the teenager's hair, bringing Bianca out of her thoughts. A short glance in the mirror brought an approving look to her face. “It's perfect mom.”

Erica moved away from her, taking in a job well done. Bianca glowed at the approving look only a parent can give their child. “Think you can hand me the mascara wand?” she asked, breaking Erica out of her 'proud parent' moment.

The woman walked up to the vanity and grasped the small object, holding it out to her daughter, “Tonight is your night, darling. Oh you look so wonderful.”

Bianca looked down at this, “I haven't been so wonderful lately. What with...”

Shh,” interrupted Erica, once again bringing her hands up to cup her daughter's face, “you did what you thought was best. All I've ever wanted was for you to be happy, Bianca. That's all. And if you are happy...than I'm happy.”

With that said she let her daughter go, moving her hands to the make-up scattered on the desk. She watched as the younger girl went through the motions of putting on a small amount of make-up, going for a simple yet elegant look.

All Bianca could do was smile. She wondered briefly if it was possible to smile too much, but she quickly shook those thoughts away. Her hair looked wonderful, and her make-up was flawless. She shivered slightly as she felt the cool silk of the dress touch her skin, the motions of putting on the dress the last step to preparing for prom. She smoothed down any wrinkles that might have appeared as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Oh my, are you not just the most stunningly beautiful woman on earth.” exclaimed a voice behind her.

Bianca turned around to see her Uncle Jack walking through the door, a proud grin on his face. She walked over to him, accepting the hug he offered.

Now, I have something here for you.” he pulled out a small black box from his pocket. Opening it, he revealed a set of sparkling diamond earrings.

These were my mother's, your grandmother's. She wore these to her first cotillion, god help us all, and I know she would love if you wore them tonight.”

Tears pricked at the young girl's eyes as she took the box from her uncle, “They're beautiful. Thank you Uncle Jack.”

He wrapped her in a hug, “Oh your very welcome.”

He then turned his attention to Erica, “Isn't she just gorgeous?”

Tears of joy glistened in her eyes as she smiled back, “Yes, she is. Frankie is lucky to be going with our Bianca to the prom.”

Hearing this brought a wave of joy through Bianca, and she stepped out of her uncle's embrace and into her mother's. “Thank you, mom.”

It was then they all heard the ring of the doorbell. Bianca's eyes lit up, knowing that her dreams were about to come true.

I'll get that. You girls finish getting ready.” said Jack as he left the room.

Bianca gave herself a quick glance in the mirror and smoothed out her dress, butterflies appearing in her belly. This was it. With a deep breath, she slipped on her heels and walked out of the room, her mother close behind.

As she descended the steps, she looked down to see Frankie waiting at the bottom, her Uncle Jack right beside her with a camera in hand. Her breath caught in her throat. There she was, her beautiful loveable Frankie.

She reached the bottom of the stairs, locking eyes with her girlfriend.

Hi.” she whispered, a soft smile on her face.

Frankie seemed to blink out of a daze as she shook her head, a gentle smile slowly making its way across her face. “Hey.”

Bianca reached out, tangling her fingers with the older girl's and giving a light squeeze. Frankie squeezed back as they turned to face the two adults, the blonde's face pointed down to hide her red cheeks.

Ok, I want to get some pictures here.” Jack waved the camera before bringing it up to his eye. “Let's see those pearly whites.”

He began snapping shots left and right as the two girls moved closer together, wrapping their arms around each other.

Man Bianca, your uncle's going crazy with that thing. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was starting my police file.” quipped Frankie as she shifted uneasily against her date.

Bianca looked down at her, knowing the other girl wasn't used to this. “He's almost done. Besides, you look beautiful, and I want a picture of it.”

Frankie looked back up at her, and for a moment forgot where she was, “You're the beautiful one Bianca.” They smiled softly at each other.

Jack's mutterings brought them out of their moment, the camera having run out of film. “Ok guys, we're going to go. Have a goodnight.” called Bianca as she pulled Frankie out the door.


I thought we'd never get out of there.” laughed Bianca as she stepped out of the limo, the cool night air enveloping them as they walked towards the prom.

Hey, I'm just surprised your mother didn't beat me with the camera.” replied Frankie.

When they were within feet of the entrance, Bianca stopped, tugging at Frankie's wrist to halt her as well. “Ok, this is it,” she breathed, “last chance to change your mind.”

Frankie gave her a look, “The question is if you want to change your mind, Bianca. I'm game if you are. I've never been to a prom before...but if I have to go, I'd want it to be with you.”

Bianca melted at that.

Besides, I always love a party!” added Frankie with a wink, her roguish grin flickering to life.

Bianca chuckled. “Ok, let's do this.”

They walked into the room, handing over their tickets to the doorman. Well dressed high school students littered the area, dance music pouring from the DJ booth. The two weaved their way through the crowd.

Well well well, if it isn't little Bianca. And look, she brought a stray...I mean date.” a mocking tone called out.

Morgan and her posse appeared; their only objective in life seemed to be making fun of Bianca

I'm sorry, I don't think we've met.” Frankie stepped between the group of girls and Bianca, “you see, I've been out of the gutter for awhile, so I didn't get the chance.”

Morgan's eyes narrowed at the shorter girl, “Why you little...”

Her words were cut off as warm red punch spilled over her head, the sticky liquid making its way through her hair and onto her white dress.

Oops. Look at that. You know us strays have no manners at all.” Frankie shook her head as Bianca laughed.

The bully huffed and stomped off, embarrassed to the core.

Oh my god Frankie, that was amazing.” said Bianca as the blonde shrugged.

That girl just needed to cool down. No one should talk to you like that.”

They exchanged smiles as the fast-paced music gave way to a slow song. Bianca's gaze flickered to the dance floor, where couples were gathering and holding each other close. When they went back to Frankie, they fell upon an outstretched hand. “Wanna dance...I hear it's one of those things you do at prom.”

Bianca grasped the warm hand and let herself be pulled towards the dance floor, their fingers curling together. As soon as they found an open spot, the two faced each other, hands finding purchase on the other's body.

Their bodies began a slow sway, the music washing over them. Unconsciously, they moved closer together, foreheads coming to rest upon each other. Bianca let out a happy sigh. This was perfect.



Giggling could be heard as two figures slipped down the sandy hill, stumbling forwards until they found the outcropping of boulders to rest against.

That was amazing.” laughed Bianca, the mixture of spiked punch and love making her inhibitions disappear.

No, you're amazing, Bianca'la.” sweetly replied Frankie as she sat down on a rock, pulling the younger girl down beside her.

Bianca loved it when her girlfriend showed her softer side, “Aww Frankie...” She loved how the older girl had been acting all night. Holding her and caring for her.

Bianca,” began Frankie, turning to face the other girl with a look of pure adoration in her eyes, “you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I-I never felt like a good person, like I was worth anything. Everyone always said I was useless...but not you. You make me feel like a good person. You make me feel so many things. I love you, Bianca'la.”

Tears began to fall down the dark haired girl's cheeks as she traced a finger down Frankie's face, finally cupping the strong chin in her hand. They inched their faces closer, the blonde's arms coming to rest around Bianca's shoulders.

Their foreheads lightly touched, warm breathes mingling together, “I love you, Bianca. I love you, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here, with you.”

Then their lips met achingly slow, the slightest movement causing sparks in both of them. Frankie's lips were so soft and sweet, pulling joy and pleasure out of the very depths of Bianca's soul. Bianca felt her lips open when.....



She jumped up, a loud crack of thunder shaking the house. With a hand held to her racing heart, she looked around, eyes desperately searching for Frankie.

That's when it hit her.

Frankie was dead.

They had never gone to prom together.

Frankie was dead and none of that had happened.

Frankie was dead, and it was just a dream.

Bianca barely felt the sob before it burst out, her tears beginning to fall faster than the rain. It was a dream, all a dream. Frankie was gone, and she was never coming back.

She covered her face with her trembling hands, painful sobs tearing from her soul. “Damn you Frankie, damn you.” she cried out.

Bianca fell back against the bed, hiding her face in the pillows as she cried for what she could never have. Her heart-wrenching sobs mixed with the music softly crooning from the radio she had left on before going to sleep.

A dream is a wish you heart makes, when you're fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartache. Whatever you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

Tags: all my children, fic, ghostly dreams series

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