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Pillow Talk

Title: Pillow Talk
Author: Fabfan
Fandom: All My Children
Pairing: Bianca/Frankie
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters nor make a profit from this
Summary: Bianca talks about her day
Note: Takes place around 2002/03. Slightly AU

“The first time I saw your face, I thought – that’s someone I could fall in love with.”

Bianca sniffed and smiled dryly at her own words, “I know it sounds corny or whatever, but it’s true.” She shifted in the hard plastic chair, wondering not for the millionth time why hospitals had such uncomfortable furniture that the doctors refused to let her replace with something less abrasive. “I fell in love with you then. I didn’t know it. Not completely. But I did.”

Taking a breath, Bianca slid her hand across the coarse white sheet.

“You were so different from anyone else. And not just because you stood up to my mom, which no one does ever. No,” her gaze softened, “it was just you. You were…are…so amazing. You’re funny. Charming – in a roguish sort of way.  I bet you were a pirate in a past life. Winking a swashbuckling wink while strutting around and sword fighting.” A mirthful chuckle burst out, “I can picture you in a big floppy hat like in those pirate movies. Or maybe you’d wear one of those three corner hats. You’d be tanned and smell like the sea.”

Her hand gently touched a pliant wrist. Fingers tenderly curled around it, stroking the smooth skin. The tips cautiously avoided the tiny tubes and wires sticking out.

“I had a test today. I think I told you about that. Professor Timothy’s class. I think I did ok. It wasn’t too bad. Multiple choice. Finished a bit early. Afterward, I met up with my study group and we got coffee. The place on campus has this new iced latte that is delicious. You’d like it.”

Her thumb began to lightly trace circles on the inside of the unmoving palm.

“The weather’s getting nice out. It’s been so hot lately, but it’s finally cooling down. Oh, David said he was going to stop by later and see you. He’s busy making his rounds or something right now, but he’ll be by. Anna and Leora might be with him. They’ve wanted to see you, too. I think it’s been a few weeks since they’ve been able to all get a free moment together. It was scary with Leora at the beginning. You remember. But, now that she’s doing better, David is more relaxed with letting her out of the house.” The edge of her mouth curved upward further, “She is the cutest baby ever. Really sweet and calm. Has that look in her eyes, though. She’s smart. Going to be a handful when she gets older.” Bianca teasingly added, “Takes after her aunt.”

Her eyes flickered to the window, “I’m supposed to have dinner with my mom, but I might try to stop by after. I’ll bring dessert. Maybe that chocolate cake from the Inn you like so much. Or the brownie sundae from the ice cream shop.”

Bianca’s gaze fell back to closed eyelids. Breathing in deeply, she bent over and pressed her lips to a cool forehead, “I love you, Frankie.” Her words caught in her throat, “Wake up for me soon, baby, ok?” With an easy squeeze, she released her hold and stood up. The chair squeaked against the floor as it pushed back slightly. Brown orbs swept over the lithe body, stopping briefly at the visible scarring on Frankie’s chest not fully covered by the loose fitting gown before landing on the peaceful face. The urge to press her lips to a pale pink mouth sparked inside, and Bianca gave in without hesitation. A ghost of a kiss brushed over Frankie’s lips, once, twice, three times before Bianca pulled back.

She took one last look at the sleeping girl and slowly moved away, blinking back the sadness as she glided through the entryway.
Tags: all my children, one-shots

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